The weather is going mad

Rain and hail storms every evening. In june. Hail?! really..? Where's the sun??

Things I like about rain :
- I love the smells emerging after a rain shower. 
- I love how refreshing it is. 
- How it brings back to life the garden or anything alive for that matter. 
- I love it when we get caught in a rain storm during a long summer bike ride, and arrive at home soaking wet but refreshed. 
- How it falls on my skin, especially when I don't care how frizzy my hair is getting or how much mascara is running down my cheeks. 
- Rainy days spent indoors, snuggled up in your duvet/warm jumper, with a nice cup of tea and a good book/music/film/company.

I dislike rain :
 When I am trying to look presentable and when I am going somewhere important (ie. where the drowned rat look is not an option). 
- When I'm stuck in it on a cold winter morning. 
- When it drowns my ipod left by the pool*. 

* especially that last one

On top of rain. I kinda fancy peonies. Pretty pretty flowers. But I won't make a list about that..

Ps: Is it just me or blogger is being extra moody and annoying today..?