Sometimes ...

Sometimes all you need is a hug from your mum, a chat with your dad, a laugh with your little sister,  and a rollonthefloor cuddle with your puppy. Sometimes a Skype call just isn't enough. I mean god bless technology, but we have yet to reach a 'virtual hug' option. When times get hard and you feel a little blue and maybe a little lost in this big wide world, you realise how important family is. When nothing seems to go the right way, when you feel a bit lonely, there's this part of you who's still 5 years old who comes rushing back to the surface. That 5 year old you doesn't know what responsibilities are, all she really cares about is having mum tuck her into bed and soothe her with her sweet voice. I won't get into much details, because this isn't the time or place, but all I can say is that right now, I wish I could teleport myself to South of France. Someone needs to invent something, we are talking big money.

Ps: Sorry if this is not the brightest and happiest post ever. To cheer up the mood, there's nothing better than bouncing cats.

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