Blogshop London Part 1


I got to intern for Blogshop over the weekend, and oh M gee was it a good one. I have been a fan of Bri and Angela's work for a long time now so a few weeks ago, when I read on their website that they were looking for an intern for their London class, I just went for it! I seriously had the best two days, and I'm now kind of sad it's over...



The studio was seriously dreamy. The class took place at the Curtain Road Studios. Beautiful white space, with high ceilings and huge windows...I mean Vogue is one of their regular clients, that's saying something. It's a beauty! 

The beautiful flowers by Hattie Fox from That Flower Shop just made this place even dreamier.. SO many Instagram pictures of the stunning arrangements

I didn't really know what to expect from it at all, but let me tell you something. Every blogger should get a chance to attend a Blogshop. Seriously!! Bri and Angela are the best. They are so good at what they do, their method is impeccable. It was crazy to see what the students achieved in two short days.. layers, brushes, barreling.. it's no secret to them anymore!

The one thing I will cherish the most will be all the lovely people I met over those two days. Such a cool bunch of people from all over the world..getting to know new people is one of my favourite things ever!

It was such an honour to be able to work alongside Bri and Angela, they are both so lovely and incredibly talented. It was really inspiring watching them do their 'thing'. This weekend confirmed    that graphic design and photography is what I really want to do! So girls thank you! :) 

   More coming soon...