Baked Camembert with a twist


The other day I had absolutely no plans for dinner, not much food in my fridge but a sudden urge to cook something extravagant and utterly delicious, so I strolled along the river to the nearest shop and here comes this baked camembert with a twist. 

camenbert steps

I can't take any credits for this recipe other than not using a fancy balsamic vinegar and making a berry compote instead of using figs and turned out just fine! I will have to try with the figs though because I think it would be the perfect combination, but figs aren't easy to find in London...! I made this for dinner with salad and apple slices (not pictured) although I think it would be perfect as a starter, or to share with friends over a glass wine.

You can find the recipe

over on Vogue

, they have a

new video series called Elettra's Goodness

which I already love! This delicious recipe comes from the one and only Blake Lively. You should watch the video, I love Blake, she is so sweet, down to earth and she absolutely adores cooking and baking. My kinda girl!