Moodboard 03 | Cool Summer

Moodboard 3

I haven't done one of these in like forever! It's funny because without really thinking about it I used similar colours in my last one (Wild & Green) This aqua colour just means summer to me. I am a real water baby, summer in my opinion just isn't the same without daily swims at the lake/river/pool/ocean. I feel alive when I am near water. I definitely used to be one of those kids who cried at the end of bath time and was much happier in a bucket/puddle of water than on the swings. I was probably a mermaid in a past life...or maybe a dolphin who knows. I like that idea anyway.

Summer in London hasn't really been around very much, so I am looking forward to flying back home next week! It will be two weeks of swimming, sunbathing, riding, eating, cuddling - I cannot wait!!!

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