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The Golden Hour

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The Golden Hour is my favourite time of the day. Everything is so peaceful draped in this beautiful orange light. Which reminds me of this time last year when I took pictures when the sun was rising... I sat in the grass playing with these two lions, also known as Hector & Cathy. I hid behind the apricot trees to snap a couple of unicorn shots... which turned out to scare the hell out of them. Hugo thought I was some kind of bush monster, but then again he's afraid of his own shadow... 

Evenings here are spent outside in the garden with a glass of something fresh, be it Perrier with a dash of elderflower cordial or maybe a little something stronger when we feel like it. I seem to spend all of my days outside, which ended in a couple of burnt shoulders (note to self: do NOT use last year's sun cream...) I'm off to the market, Saturday mornings are all about the market in the nearest town. We'll be back with bags full of cheese, cherries, bread and juicy peaches...

Topless Cherries

Back in the Sunshine