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To the waterfall we go...

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If this week had a theme is would be water. Yesterday we went up in the mountains where I grew up, to visit some family friends for dinner but also to spend the afternoon at the waterfalls. I can't remember a summer when we didn't go swim in the river in that exact same spot. It's nothing too spectacular, just a river, a couple of waterfalls and a natural slide. 

The drive up that little mountain road makes me happy. We all settled down on our favourite rock, changed into our bikinis as fast as we could and walked carefully all the way down by the river where the 'slide' starts. The trick is to not think much about it all, sit in the water and let yourself go all the way down to this big natural pool. I normally swim as fast as I can back to the rocks because I can't see the bottom and I always imagine some kind of horrible water creature grabbing my feet... 

Then we normally climb up the rocks and jump back into the water before we get eaten by horseflies. After half an hour we're normally a little cold so we climb back to our towels and lay there on the rocks like lizards. 

I can't think of a better way to spend a summer afternoon! After some swimming, jumping, catching up and grilling ourselves on the rocks we drove all the way down the valley to our friends house where we had a scrumptious dinner under the shooting stars. Perfection doesn't even cut it.

*you can get a few glimpses of our jumps on that video I made a few summers ago...

May this brighten your day

Stand Up Paddle Boarding at the lake