Love Links on a Rainy Sunday


Oh hey I'm back! I have somehow been a lazy blogger this past week.. I guess inspiration was lacking, it happens sometimes. I just needed a few days 'off' away from the computer to find the inspiration spark again. I have been reading a lot, I had a couple of duvet days which was good for the soul.

Sometimes I feel like I 'have' to go out and do things to get photos and content, which I didn't feel like doing, so I listened to myself and did (almost) nothing. All I wanted was my bed, hot chocolate and a comfy sweater - which I executed pretty well I think..!

Now it's Sunday evening, the rain is tapping at my window, it's actually quite chilly, I am listening to my Tumblr's music, sipping on tea, I made a duvet cave on the sofa, pinning and reading some more. I thought you might want to see what I've been reading/coveting/loving, so here goes :

- I've 'rediscovered' The Pioneer Woman website (which I used to read ALL the time but somehow forgot about..) - Ree can we swap lives?!

- My sister started a Tumblr called Feel the Preciosity of Life, she has got amazing taste so you should check it out! She also posts photos of our handsome pup Hector, and that my friend you need in your life.

- Found the cutest blog called Making Magique, it's full of beautiful outfits, macaroons and little french cafes. It makes me want to jump on the next flight out to Paris.

- Considering buying one of those stunning underwater paintings by Samantha French- for my future dream house.

Zara winter coats are KILLING IT right now. I want them all.

- Talking about cold weather I've updated the Boutique with some of my favourite cosy pieces!

Prettiest fall couple/engagement shoot!

- I am obsessed with outdoor, wilderness, mountain, fir tree shots. I need to plan a mountain adventure when I next go home!

- CANNOT wait to get my hands on Kinfolk's new Cookbook!