Scenes from Barcelona | 02


This wasn't my first time in Barcelona - I've lived near the Pyrenees in the South of France from age 0 to 18. Barcelona always has been a 3 small hours car drive away. I've been a few times when I was younger, I remember the scary (at the time..) dressed up living statues on La Rambla, I remember the beautifully crowded placa Reial and all those people trying to sell you things on the beach. Coming back as an adult (am I really an adult?! just typing this out freaks me out) was all kinds of amazing.

DSC04995 Barcelona2 DSC04972 DSC04967

(Almost stole one - I mean would you just look at those fluff balls?!)

DSC04923 DSC04944 DSC04942

We visited the beautiful Casa Mia (also known as La Pedrera) Gaudi was a true genius. The amount of detail that went into this building is just astonishing. He designed everything, from the door handles to every single corner of this house. I can't even begin to think of the amount of work that went into such a masterpiece.
DSC04948 DSC04987

Lizzie doesn't like to do what everyone else does - she ordered a 'full english' in Barcelona. (it was so oily she had to sponge some oil out before eating it... gross)

Barcelona1 DSC05003 DSC04998 DSC05002

The fruit market called La Boqueria (off La rambla) was just a dream! I wish I had access to this amount of beautiful fresh produce every day! What a dream it must be to do your daily shop there.. The best was the delicious fresh juices we got every morning (can we just stop a minute and contemplate how frickin' CUTE these chocolates are?! ...what you can't see is two baskets down they had some boob shaped ones too)

DSC04904 DSC04914

I may have another post in the making with more photos... I can't help myself. Call me shutterbug.

I wish I could teleport back into the sunshine right now. There's a rain storm outside my window, we've been stuck inside all day (I did go on a walk to the river with hector this morning... we came back completely soaked to the bone) but I can't complain when I get to snuggle by the fire with a cup of tea & a good book.

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