Christmas 2013

I am finally back! I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas with your loved ones, I hope Santa spoilt you rotten this year & that you are preparing to celebrate 2013 in style! To compensate for my lack of blogging over the holidays get ready for a LOT of my Christmas photos...!

Oh Christmas! We wait for you all year round & then you come along & disappear in a flash! I'm always loving every second of it though. Christmas traditions are really set in stone in this family, the same rituals every year! I love traditions & I will cherish those for ever, I also can't wait to start my own one day.. This year we didn't have some of our cousins with us but we had Gaby our little cousin that we don't see nearly enough & Buddy the cuckapoo puppy! My uncle & his wife got him a couple of weeks before Christmas so he was really the life of the party as you can imagine! We were spoilt, had WAY too much food, tried to walk it off, had more food & some again. That's what Christmas is all about right? My presents this year were somehow travel & summer themed....! We are now back in France, all the pets at our feet (they're making sure we're not leaving again) getting ready for tonight. First thing, BRUNCH.

Wishing you all a wonderful New Years Eve!

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