Weekend Scenes

Did I tell you I went skiing on Friday for the first time this Winter & it was AMAZING?! Did I also tell you I got so cold my throat was killing me for the rest of the weekend? Because now you know! It was so sunny but don't let this fool you, it was also freezing! It's only bearable at midday when the sun is at it's peak, that's when everyone (the hundred pets that is) are sleeping/snoring to their heart's content.

But what am I talking about anyway... the highlight of the weekend, I mean the year (!!), was decorating our pretty little tree! We got a real live tree this year, one that can later have a second life in the garden. We normally have a fake one as we spend every Christmas in the UK, so we don't really get to see it that much, but seeing as I wasn't around last year & I might not be next year (I'll probably be in Australia still..), we picked the real deal this year! Don't you just love the smell? It has something so magical about it... Gosh I love Christmas!! We also made a wreath for our front door & some other decorations, but I'll tell you more about it later this week! Have you put your tree & decorations up yet?