Weekend Scenes

Oh this weekend was so full of surprises. It started with a surprise visit from my friend Aurore who's been living in China since last summer, she flew over to visit her parents & came to see me for afternoon tea (& waffles) It was just amazing to catch up & chat about the great adventure that comes with moving abroad far away from everything you know. I will miss you little one!!

THEN believe it or not I had ANOTHER surprise visit... the third in the past few weeks actually, this time from my cousin Edward! Lizzie took me on a girly day to Toulouse on Saturday, we went shopping, walked around town, had tea & scones at Bapz (if you visit Toulouse, & want a proper english tea time, it's perfect!) up until we HAD TO go to this specific square, it was raining & I just didn't understand why Lizzie wanted to go there so bad, she almost had to drag me out, by this point I felt something was a little odd, but I went with it. So out in the rain we went & guess who was there waiting for me?! (I already spoiled the surprise, but ha you guessed it, my cousin!)

I feel so incredibly loved & blessed to have such a great family & friends. I'm a lucky girl.

It's been cold & raining most weekend so we went into 'nesting' mode on Sunday. Dad cooked us a great roast, we popped some Champagne, watched many movies by the fire. The Christmas decorations went down, it was sad but our little tree is starting a new life out in the garden! I've been really taking the time to take it all in, photographed a few of my favourite things around the house, I guess it's my way of remembering that crooked painting, those bright cushions in my bedroom, the ones we brought back from India years ago, some of my favourite books, all the pink & baby photographs in my sister's room, the bird cage in the upstairs bathroom, the donkey I drew a few years back...oh & the horses in deep sleep out in the morning sunshine. That I never want to forget.

How was your weekend?