Tube Skirts & Ferns

 I never thought I'd see the day when I would wear a tube skirt. Are they even called like that?! I like to call them like that. They are tube shaped after all, & they make you walk like.. I imagine trees would walk. Actually trees would probably wiggle their roots if they could walk right? Anyway moving on, I believe the correct term for this article of clothing is a fitted midi skirt. Tube skirt sounds better. I found this one at Urban Outfitters in London. It's made out of the stretchiest of materials which basically hugs your hips for the entire day, I mean what's not to love? A hip hugging skirt. YES PLEASE. Sure you can't run a marathon in that skirt, you can't actually walk through ferns as it turns out BUT your beautiful hips are on show being hugged by a tube of cotton & stretchy stuff. I like it so much I am considering buying another one, maybe a bright summery one this time. 


*Lizzie is my favourite photographer. Because she makes me laugh until I cry. She takes pictures like this (woops!!) She's patient with me when I shout things like 'Aperture down to 2.0' 'Shutter Speed up to 600' 'Move to the right' 'Hold still'. Love you Lizzie Lou x


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