Kiplings Garage Bar, Sydney


As mentioned in yesterday's weekend post, I spent my Friday evening with Soph, she was photographing the new bar with all its beautiful food & I basically followed her around eating & taking pictures. I might have helped her by carrying a few plates to a better light, but I didn't do much at all - apart from the eating part when she was done shooting. The food was delicious, tapas & gorgeous cocktails. You can tell how obsessed I was with that one particular cocktail - it was SO photogenic!! Also, today I found myself daydreaming about those blue cheese stuffed grilled figs wrapped in bacon. They were too good for words. Let me tell you..I will reproduce those VERY soon & share it with you. I did search the entire supermarket for some juicy figs today, but it wasn't my lucky day. Tomorrow I'm on a fig mission. That is a fact. 

PS: If you were wondering - YES that is my hair in the sun creating a very yellow flare on that cocktail photo... Hashtag long hair problems (no I did NOT just say that...)

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