Birthday at the Zoo | Part 1

Who said the zoo was reserved for 5 year old's birthday parties huh? I've never been one to absolutely love & obsess over zoos, I actually find most of them fairly depressing & quite tiring (all those tourist ((says she the tourist)) & screaming kids) I'm much more of a Safari kinda girl, but I enjoy them once in a while because I love animals so much. I always have. I actually wanted to become a zoologist or a primatologist for as long as I can remember.. I was obsessed with monkeys & I wanted to save them all. I grew up surrounded by farm animals, they were & are a huge part of my life, I always feel like there's something missing when I'm not around animals for too long.

All of this to say that I decided to spend my birthday at the zoo this year, & what a zoo! Taronga Zoo has the most wonderful views over Sydney, I would have actually paid just for the view! I was so happy & all smiles all day long skipping from one area to another like a kid. I finally met koalas!!! (& kangaroos but that's for later..) I just couldn't handle not seeing one after a month & a half in Australia. Outrageous. They seriously are the cutest fluffiest sweetest sleepiest little creatures! It was so hot all day long, so a lot of animals declared it was siesta time, which was fine by me, I like sleeping too & what's cuter than a sleeping koala?! Also I'm now in love with lemurs - look at that chiller!! He was just sitting there, 50 cm away from me (not in a cage) with his legs wide open just taking it all in. I took about a million photographs, so I'll be back tomorrow with more!