My thoughts on Ageing

Recently I've noticed this strange phenomenon happening when I tell people my age. It's either something along the lines of 'Aw you're a baby!' or 'Oh I didn't realise you were so...young!', most of the time this is coming from someone who is in their late twenties. I am mostly flattered by this, so this is in no way negative, because I guess it probably means the person thinks I'm mature & I guess that's a good thing..or is it?

I've just been thinking about it in the past few days, after getting a couple of surprised tweets & comments after posting my Birthday | 23 post (which I LOVED by the way!! I am about to reply to all of you.. you guys are the best!) & also a few "awww" reactions when I meet new people.. so I've been wondering why do people react this way? Is it nostalgia of being... 3/4/5 years younger?

My theory on this is that there is a very real psychological transformation happening when you turn 25 that makes you think that anyone below that age is just TOO young! Can you confirm this?? I find it odd how people are obsessed with age & knowing how old you are. This also applies in a dating situation..everything is going well, you get on with that person & then the famous 'how old are you' question pops up, which fair enough you want to double check that I'm not underage or anything (ha!) but it has actually happened to me before when it has put a full on cold on the entire thing! (Confidence issues much?!) 

So your opinion of me has completely changed in a matter of seconds because of a number? If I had told you I was 5 years older would you think of me any differently? The whole thing is very intriguing to say the least. I have friends in most age groups & I treat everyone of them in the same way. I believe that age barely means anything.. You can be 40 & as mature as a 16 year old (& I know a few) or 17 & as mature as an 80 year old (again I know a few)

Maturity has nothing to do with a number. You are allowed to know someone's age of course, there is nothing wrong with that, but don't let it change your opinion of that person in the first place. Food for thoughts on this monday morning...!

Tania Joy19 Comments