Weekend Scenes

// Soph the blogger/Instagrammer.

// After 3 days in bed because of a silly virus, I was SO happy to be on my feet again & breathe some fresh air.. Being ill when you're so far from home & anything familiar is the worst.. but you get over it eventually & when you do, oh let me tell you how much you appreciate how good healthy feels, how good it is to be able to walk around & be yourself again.

// I stayed at Sophie's house on Saturday night, we chatted NON stop (as per usual), while eating about a thousand snacks we had bought at the local supermarket. Creative brains need to eat! In the morning we woke up to a rainy day, so we watched some Sex & the city all sleepy eyed, eating red velvet cupcakes we had forgotten from the night before (How?! I'm still asking myself that question..)

// We drove around scouting for shoot locations, stopping every second ooohing and ahhing at every cute little house. Number 32 was very cute indeed.

// Rainy days call for breakfast food at 3pm... just because.

// My new bestie Archie.. It took him a LONG time to warm up to me.. but I think this weekend we broke down that wall & we're ready to be bffs (Archie's still not so sure about that..)

// Bridemaid's duties are a dream. Soph wanted to check out a florist for the wedding, we didn't stay long as she will need to come back with an apointment but we snapped as many photos as possible of all the beautiful flowers. I swear in another life I was a florist.

// We discovered  this new juice place called Pressed Juices, & you guys it is a dream. If you're into juicing & being healthy & all that boring stuff then you have to check them out! 

// They're called 'Little dancing ladies'...

// Best moment of the weekend by far...... Gelato time at Messina! Margaret took me there not so long after I arrived in Sydney & I've been thinking about it ever since. BEST gelato ever (in actual fact it was voted best gelato in Australia..) They have the most crazy mixes you could ever think off.. it changes all the time which makes you obviously want to go ALL the time to try them out.. Clever. This time I had a scoop of white chocolate & candied peanuts (!!!) & a scoop of passion fruit. HEAVEN IN MY MOUTH.

// I love how anywhere you go in Sydney if you look up you will most definitely see a tree full of beautiful flowers..

// Flower themed Sunday.

| Photos taken from both my camera & iPhone 5 - some already seen on my Instagram feed..! |