WORN | Day 1 at MBFWA


Hey it's me again! Remember me? I used to blog around here.......! Why don't we have integrated wifi yet huh? As some of you may know, if you follow me on Instagram, I was assisting Margaret Zhang at Fashion Week here in Sydney, also known as MBFWA. It was the most amazing experience, I will never forget it! I have sooooo much to tell you, and a lot of photos to share! But while I get my life together (I jumped from an intense Fashion Week to my part time job which turns out is taking a lot of my time..! I need some sleep zzzzzz) here is the outfit I wore last monday on the first official day - it actually all started on Sunday evening with the amazing Carla Zampatti show, but I didn't have my favourite photographer with me to snap outfit photos...! I found both this top & skirt in this upcoming designers section in a Westfield here in Sydney. The top is by a brand called Taju (I cannot find them online..!!) & the skirt is by the wonderful Get Frocked (the skirt is nowhere to be found online either..but check out up there, I've popped a few similar pieces!) This see through-lacy-bra situation is a bit bold & I did feel very naked but hey when was it going to happen if not at Fashion Week?! I think it all got to my head a little because on the last day I wore this top again...bra-less. I KNOW. Don't worry my nudity was all covered by a leather vest.. what do they say.. when in Rome? I promise I'll try & be back very soon with more photos, in the meantime I am all over Twitter & Instagram, I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

| Photos by Sophie Learmont, edited by moi |