WORN | Day 3 at MBFWA & Life Lately

Dress:  Get Frocked  - Vests: Topshop (leather), Zara (denim) - Sunglasses: c/o  Surfdome  (Quay) - Shoes:  Therapy   

Dress: Get Frocked - Vests: Topshop (leather), Zara (denim) - Sunglasses: c/o Surfdome (Quay) - Shoes: Therapy  

Fashion Week is long gone but I couldn't leave this outfit go unnoticed. I am deeply in love with this dress, I bought it on sale, it was too big for me but I didn't care one bit. I didn't have time to get it taken in before the fashion week madness so I paired it with this double vests situation to hide the extra material & a pair of black sunnies to hide the dark circles under my eyes, recently I've found all my trusty pairs from here - I'm starting a little collection. Since then the dress has been sitting in my wardrobe waiting to be taken in and worn again.. (Note to self: learn how to sew like a pro) I may have plans for you this weekend little dress, just hang in there (no pun intended)

Yesterday I had a long much needed FaceTime conversation with my dear friend Rosie. (Side Note: as amazing as FaceTime is, someone needs to invent a hugging option on the iPhone) We talked about everything and anything, like we normally do. The little things, and the big important things. The kind of conversation that makes your soul happy, the kind that just makes you feel like everything will be fine in the end.

Life lately has been a bit of a whirlwind, I discovered this week that I have to find a new job (for those of you who don't know I have been working part time since I've moved to Sydney..) which if you ask me is a real pain, that and another bunch of small things like a painful tooth that ended in the dentist's chair & a very sad bank account. You know just life kicking you in the face - quite literally. All is good though. It's just one of those months! But when stress sets in, and you're running around like a headless chicken it's hard to feel inspired, it's hard to write things down & grab that camera who's giving you the evil eye from the corner of the room, sitting there getting all dusty patiently waiting for me to take it out to play. How do you keep the inspiration flowing?

| Photos by Sophie Learmont, edited by yours truly |