What To Cook Tonight


My beautiful friend Sophie & her father Andrew launched their new website called 'What to Cook Tonight' two months ago now! The idea behind it is to inspire the every day cook with simple, fresh recipes - they've been shooting & developing over 200 recipes since last year, now they are sharing their beautiful work with you on a weekly basis. You can buy their weekly mini-cookbooks for a recipe every night so you can just sit back relax & stop wondering what you will cook tonight! 


A few weeks ago I shot a few photos of Soph & her dad in their kitchen for a feature on the new beautiful website called Food for Thought. I am so so proud of them for following their dreams, for them to have actually gone forward with an idea they've had for years, I'm proud of my Soph for quitting her day job & concentrating 200% on her dream job, photographing & cooking all day! I'm begging them to hire me, but I'm quite happy with my taster position at the moment..

If you don't follow their beautiful Instagram already then you're crazy & you should go follow them now! Go have a look at their interview for more info on how it all came about, you can even hear the actual interview, oh & there's a free recipe for the most amazing chicken burgers I've ever tasted in my LIFE. Poached egg & all. It's perfection.