Weekend Scenes | Apple Picking & Sydney in Autumn

1 . Autumn in Sydney is truly beautiful | 2. Wild lions on the streets | 3. Eucalyptus trees during the golden hour | 4. Apple Picking outfit (yes I'm wearing a coat) | 5. Went back to basics with a new pair of converse | 6. Soul Sisters | 7. These will make a perfect apple crumble | 8. Apple picking should be mandatory during Autumn, perfect for the soul | 9. New (borrowed) toy (Fujifilm X100s), I never want to give it back!! | 10. Lavender everywhere around my building, reminds of of summer at home in France | 11. Wine with my bestie Archie (Soph's cat!) | 12. I did a lot of this: catching up on Game of Thrones with appropriate snacking. | 13. Twilight is my new favourite time of the day (besides sunrise, sunset/golden hour...)

I haven't done one of those in a while! I miss sharing little bits of daily life with you, I'm not going to lie since Fashion Week I had a little break up with my camera, nothing dramatic just a little break, sometimes that's what you need to rekindle the fire don't you?! So here I am back at it, in proper shutterbug mode - although I stupidly forgot my camera when we went apple picking in the blue mountains with Soph & her family... but I'll share with you some beautiful photos that Soph took very soon! My trusty iPhone did an ok job at documenting it all though. There was a lot of wining & dining happening this weekend, I think it has something to do with the sudden drop in temperatures here in Sydney. Everyone just feels like staying in & cuddling up with a glass of wine, which I'm not complaining about (although I was NOT prepared to say 'I'm cold' while in Australia.. it's nowhere near being actually cold - as in english winter kinda cold - but when you only own summer clothes & all houses around here are not made for colder days, well you feel it in your bones) I hope you had a golden one!