Hugo sends me selfies

Photo 01-06-2014 19 22 51.jpg

So my horse sends me selfies once in a while to show me how much he misses me. Lizzie always seems to photobomb him but I like her so it's ok ;) I can't stop laughing every time I look at these, my heart! I miss these two so much it hurts every time I think about it... Being so far away from the people you love the most is not always easy, but I've been very lucky to find myself a great support system over on this side of the world. It makes it all much easier when it gets too overwhelming. This is the first time I've been away from everyone and home for this long, I've always done periods of 3/4 months but I would always find a good excuse to fly back home for a few days here & there. Flying back home unfortunately is not exactly an option from Australia...! (god bless Europe & it's short distances!!) but this whole experience is teaching me so much. Distance & time really doesn't matter that much when it comes to the people you love with your whole heart. They'll be there for you no matter what & vice-versa. The way I think about it is... I'm only 24 hours away from everyone if I really had to go back, what's 24 hours?! Skype is also a god send. The only thing that bugs me is that mum can't send me food/drinks care packages because it wouldn't be allowed in the country. Thankfully I've found this French guy on the market who sells great French cheese & saucisson.. the essentials.