Weekend Scenes | Brunch in Manly & Soph's Bridal Shower


My weekends have been starting on a thursday night for the past couple of months. Which if you ask me should be the way to go all year round! Having an extra day really makes a HUGE difference..

I like to start my Friday mornings with a sleep in & a hearty brunch in good company. Last week I met up with Sophie at Pure Wholefoods in Manly. We were in desperate need to catch up!

I ordered a green juice, which I do pretty much anywhere I go these days, I've figured I'd rather drink my greens (minus celery because.. yuck)

Soph had the acai berry bowl topped with my favourite muesli in the entire galaxy (in all seriousness, I'm gonna have to import cases of the stuff when I go back to Europe...) I had the gluten free/sugar free/vegan/free of anything nasty pancakes which if you ask me was way too much to ask out of a pancake. You know when you eat out & you're a little disappointed because you could have done so much better at home? Yeah.

I quickly got over it when we strolled on the beach & sat down to enjoy a good ol' flat white in the sun (yes I drink coffee now, I think the subject deserves a whole entire post for itself.. you just wait!) We chatted travels, future Bali adventures, while watching the surfers do their surfer thing. Winter in Sydney is ridiculous.

R i d i c u l o u s 

I attempted to be healthy for about 5 seconds. I filled my fridge with veggies & fruits on thursday night to make sure I wouldn't go too wild over the weekend, which actually worked for a little while.. until I attended Sophie's bridal shower & ate all the cheese & brownies & pastries & sandwiches & .... (Also..too many Sophies! it's highly confusing, I know)

I was in charge of the cheese board (which is pretty much a given as soon as you let people know that you're half French) but this time I cheated a bit & gave it a Spanish twist with Manchego, olives & chorizo! I've discovered this little Spanish deli in the city - a gem, it's called Encasa Deli en casa you wanted to know ;) - can't wait to go back for tapas & wine.

I mainly took photos on Sophie's camera which explains the lack of any worthy photographs, I'm sure Soph will post about it soon. It was such a great afternoon! This beauty is getting married in 3 tiny little weeks... SHE'S GOING TO BE A WIFE IN 3 WEEKS! 3 WEEKS. Mind blowing. Oh and I've been in Australia for 6 months. Someone pinch me (I mean hit me in the face)