Sunday Morning at The Grounds

take-away breakfast at the Ground Roasters

Sundays are usually my brunch day. I have recently moved houses to a different suburb in Sydney, I've gone from the North Shore which is very yummy mummy, big houses, fancy cars - I'd compare it to a mix of Chelsea meets Clapham if we were in London - to the south which is a little more hippie, with a random mix of people, cultures & tons of (organic) markets (my favourite thing!) it reminds me of Shoreditch meets Hamsptead in London (sorry for any of you who have NO clue about London.. I'm getting nostalgic)

green juice at The Ground Roasters
green house
coffee at the grounds

This wasn't my first time at The Grounds (see my first post about it!), but it was my first time there since I've moved, and I realised I'm a small 8 minute drive from the place, which if you ask me is pure danger - especially because they have a Salt Meats Cheese shop there...

chickens at the grounds

I met Sophie there for brunch at around 11.. turns out we weren't the only ones with the same idea. We were told there was an hour wait to sit down for brunch, by this point I was ready to gobble up my phone so we decided to get take-away breakfast instead, which is the next best thing we could do before I started slicing up my leather purse.

pastries at the grounds

Pastries & bread for days... almost feels like France.

fruit salad & granola

We grabbed our fruit and granola bowls, juice & coffee to the garden, sat around a barrel & talked about Soph's latest Bali adventures, boys & food. The usual. 

The Florist at the Grounds
herb garden

I had to restrain myself from buying ALL the flowers. I mean $5 a bunch.. it would be crazy not to!!

Florist at the Grounds
fresh lemonade & strawberries

The place makes me want to take on gardening & start growing lettuce & rhubarb, seriously those garden beds are magical, I don't say things like that to every garden bed I meet, trust me. 

daisies bouquets

I'm pretty happy to call this place my 'local' brunch spot - it's just dreamy. I now get to see my best pal Kevin Bacon more often, win-win. 

Kevin Bacon at the Ground Roasters