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Eating // more consciously - cutting out lactose, meat, caffeine & gluten for a little while to see how I feel. I've got a feeling I am slightly lactose intolerant... (mind you I'm only on day 2 & I had meatballs last night, soooo... but a ton of green juices & fresh fruit makes up for it. I think. 80/20 and all that jazz)

Cooking // Banana bread(sss) because a certain someone is obsessed. I like them best with a ton of chocolate chips, cinnamon & pecan nuts.

Drinking // buckets of green tea & green juices (they will be the reason I become bankrupt one day)

Practicing // self control - those warm muffins I walk past every morning are killing me. The smell. Oh the heavenly smell. AND better posture (I'm the worst)

Mastering // the art of blogging at work when it's deadly boring.

Learning // about nutrition (still... It's interesting to check my past 'Listing' posts and to see how things have changed or how they're still very much the same!).

Reading // Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr - that woman is a powerhouse. I'm so inspired by her story and her contagious personality. Learning so much & I'm only half way through.. oh and laughing real hard too.

Wanting // to bury myself in the mountain of pillows & blankets on my bed.

Looking // forward to a few weeks of travelling before I come back home for Christmas (and coming back home AND Christmas.. - that's a given, but I'm getting ahead of myself)

Playing // music. ALL. THE. TIME.

Wasting // time in public transport - one request : teleportation. Amen.

Wishing // for some sun - it's been raining for a week straight. No kidding. Raining elephants not cats & dogs.

Waiting // to go home back home at 5pm (I'm temping this week - reception jobs = long & boring hours - the cool offices make up for it though)

Liking // coming back home to a roaring fire & dinner bubbling on the stove...

Wondering // about the chapter that comes after Australia.

Loving // T-Swift's new song. Girl crushing on her since 2008

Hoping // that I'll make the right choices.

Marveling // at how fast time is going (ie. outside of the reception jobs that is)

Needing // a new handbag - mine is on the verge of dying (yes I came to Australia with one and one only handbag...) Eyeing this one.

Smelling // spicy vanilla candles & warm banana bread (at home, because right now it smells like air-con and plastic - ew)

Wearing // my favourite tube skirt, black heels & a white blazer - counting the minutes until I can get back in my sweats though.

Following // a never-ending to-do list. Forever & Always.

Noticing // how important it is to surround yourself with good eggs. You know the positive, happy, supportive, honest kinda people (& ditch the rest)

Thinking // about the weekend & all the things I want to do in the next 3 months...

Feeling // happy, excited & tired (cutting off caffeine is hard you guys)

Bookmarking //  flight comparison websites & healthy plant based recipes (send me all the links - for the latter obvs!)

Opening // a basket of fresh, juicy strawberries. I think it's the season over here because they are EVERYWHERE. I think there's about 6 baskets of them in my fridge already, but I couldn't resist the $5 for two price tag this morning (Oh dear - becoming my father)

Giggling // at that penguin with his backpack. I WANT HIM.

Feeling //  like it's Friday... don't even tell me what day it is .

*Jeans (similar - mine are from trusty Zara!)

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