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surrey hills house sydney

On Saturday afternoon I met up with my friend Amy for a catch up. We had grand plans to go on a coastal walk, but the rain beat us to it. The next best thing was to go out shopping (& eating) of course. Amy is the queen of vintage shopping, she has introduced me to so many little gems so far, I have to share some with you...

alimentari sydney
alimentary sydney

Starting with food & coffee of course, we stopped at Alimentari. A brilliant little Italian deli that makes you feel like you've escaped to Rome for a hot minute. Delicious pastries, cured meats & pasta for days! They're in Paddington, on Hopetoun Street. 

Di Nuovo Surrey Hills Sydney

From food to shoes - naturally.

Di Nuovo Paddington
Di Nuovo Paddington
Di Nuovo

Amy introduced me to this little piece of heaven a few weeks ago. That same time she found a Diane Von Furstenberg bag for a fraction of it's price. It was like a mirage. Meant to be.

If you like vintage shopping, but you're not a fan of the dusty smell, and searching messy racks for hours to find something wearable - this shop is for you. No dust, only gems. They have a rack of Isabelle Marrant pants that I am DYING for. They have all the Louboutins and other Pucci, Chanel & Louis Vuitton that someone luckily gave up for you. It's almost impossible to leave the shop empty handed.

It's called Di Nuovo, it's at number 92 on William Street in Paddington. Thank me later.

The Corner Shop paddington

The Corner Shop,  just around the corner (ha!) is another gem but this time for Australian designers (and a few European gems thrown in there too) - no vintage - but again right on point with all of their pieces. Isabelle Marrant was there too, with a little bit of Kenzo and Helmut Lang.

I fell in love with this dog. JUST LOOK AT HIM. WOULD YOU LOOK AT HIM. (all of you dog breed pros, what is he?! Shih tzu?) I want him.

paddington houses

I love Paddington. If I had to pick one place to live in Sydney and I couldn't choose by the sea (for some random reason) then I'd pick Paddington. So many beautiful houses, surrounded by the perfect little boutiques.

Bailey Nelson shop
Bailey Nelson glasses

Amy needed new glasses - no wait - Amy WANTED new glasses. So she introduced me to Bailey Nelson - which made me want new glasses too... The perfect amount of hip & quality pieces for an affordable price (most are only $95). I also fell in love with a couple of their sunnies (australian for sunglasses..;)

Banjo & Matilda

See what I mean by the perfect little boutiques!?

shoes in shop window
cute dog

One more, just because. LOOK AT HIM.

Banjo & Matilda

We didn't quite have time, but Amy said that Banjo & Matilda had some killer cashmere. Which sounds like my kind of shop if you ask me. It's on my list to visit very soon! Have you been?

sydney magnolia flowers

 I swear there are beautiful tropical flowers in Sydney at all seasons. Magnolias are one of my favourites.

Pretty Dog Shop Newtown

We moved from Paddington to Newtown on our way home. We were hungry (more on that later) but we came across another one of Amy's little secret. Pretty Dog. The dreamiest boutique, with a deer I named Alfred (he looks like an Alfred) - I also fell in love with a Deadly Ponies handbag (new to me brand from New Zealand - I had to google if they made the handbags out of ...dead ponies. but fear not they don't! Phew)  SO soft you could sleep on it. Check this one. Just too cool & SO BLOOMIN' SOFT.

Pretty Dog Shop - Newtown, Sydney.

Say Hi to Alfred.

There is so much shopping a girl can handle until she gets hungry again.. we had a sudden craving for Cronuts (who knows where that came from... hormones?) - only to discover the one places that sells them in the area was shut (WHY?!) So we settled for some pie. Hard life. 

This is my new favourite place. I wanted ALL OF THE PIES. We decided to share a Malteser pie  slice (because look at the size of that monster) it was so good I almost wanted seconds. I can't wait to go back for a savoury pie, and some of their yummy looking salads - oh AND the snickers pie, because I don't even know why I didn't try that one first..

The place is called The Pie Tin - they are just off King Street in Newtown.

Apologies for the lengthy post! I'll try and post more of my favourite places in Sydney. I just need to get Amy to spill the beans on all of her secret spots. That girl knows what's up.