The Cure to Post-Wedding Depression

bridesmaid bouquet
name cards and necklace
bridesmaid bouquet
place cards wedding
bridesmaid bouquet
wedding polaroid
bridesmaid necklace

Post- wedding depression is REAL people. I'm now slightly worried about my psychological condition after my own wedding... I guess that's what honeymoons are for right?! They should have honeymoons for the bridal party. Take notes wedding planners!

As some of you may know my beautiful friend Sophie married the love of her life George, last weekend in Bowral. It was the most beautiful & magical day, I cried.. a lot. I am oh so excited to see the real deal photographs... they are going to be out of this world for sure!

I have a bunch of crazy iPhone photos to share, but before I do that I wanted to capture the little details I took home with me (and before the flowers die a slow death..). My beautiful bouquet, made by the talented Tanya from Oh Flora. Tans ROCKED those flowers, you should have seen our flower crowns.. and the beautiful centerpieces on the tables AND the cake.. Just perfect.

The sweetest delicate necklace Sophie kindly got for all of us bridesmaids. I'm never taking it off (only for photo purposes..;) 

The handful of polaroids I snatched, some were too good to let go.. (Sorry Soph ;) They had the brilliant idea to have a polaroid camera going around at the reception/party so people could take a bunch of selfies & hang them to a string with a love note to the newlyweds. Genius. Reading all the notes the next morning was priceless.

My place card made by Soph herself.. you should have seen the amount of beautiful details. Soph did most of it herself, that girl is a walking genius. Months of hard work paid off darling, it was so beautiful!

I've been wearing our bridesmaid's robe every day, I'm attempting to dry my flower crown, the bouquet is on my bedside table, I've hung the polaroids & I'm stalking their honeymoon hashtag like a freak (#sgthoneymoon if you're interested.. ;) I'm not letting it go just yet.