Sunday Cake Day

On Sunday we dragged ourselves out of bed and made our way to Richmond where we met Freya & Rosie to catch up over a long wander around the shops, a spot of coffee.. and a little cake.

We stopped at the Humingbird bakery which is by the way what I'd imagine a Pinterest bakery would look like.. I mean that rainbow cake?! We indulged in one too many red velvet cupcakes and a whole lot of caffeine

Every time I see the girls I'm reminded how grateful I am for this blog for introducing me to these two beautiful souls. A bunch of people still find it strange.. "you met on the internet??" I guess 10 years ago, even 5 years ago that was sort of a no-no. Funnily enough some of my best friends to this day, I met through blogging, I was even a bridesmaid at Soph's wedding, remember?

Some days I wonder what my life would be like if I didn't have this internet home, what would I be doing with my time? Would have I gone to Australia at all? What would I do on weekends ;) ?! Would I be living in London?? So many what ifs.. In the meantime I'm just grateful for it all. The wonders of the internet!