Everyday is Pancake Day

In my mind anyway... If I could, I'd have them every morning, but logistically yoghurt & granola is just a little quicker. (or is it?)

Being half French, pancake day called 'la chandeleur' is taken VERY seriously, with flipping competitions (which some years ended with a couple of them stuck on the ceiling) followed by a crêpes dinner.

In our household crêpes were a regular occurance, mum would often surprise us with warm Nutella crêpes after school and we'd most definitely have crêpes if we visited mamie over the weekend... Still to this day, Lizzie & I feel like it's Christmas morning every time mum makes them. Lizzie will have about 15 in a row (that girl can EAT) emptying half a pot of Nutella at the same time. 

Mum's secret recipe hasn't been disclosed yet (I'm working on it) but my favourites are these fluffy blueberry pancakes which I also make with strawberries sometimes. Also, if all you have is flour, milk and one egg - you're in luck. Just follow Jamie Oliver's recipe which is : 1 mug of self raising flour, 1 egg, 1 mug of milk and 1 pinch of salt. They make the perfect everyday pancakes! (Any mug will do) 

I'm actually heading to the shops now for some last minutes pancakes..! Which ones are you making??

Tania Joy9 Comments