In the Studio with Oh Flora

This is long overdue - and by long I mean several months overdue - I shot these last year! In September to be exact, when I was still living in Sydney! My dear friend Tanya (another Tans) is the most talented florist I have ever met. She owns her own company called Oh Flora. She just has that vibe you know? She gets it. She's got that wild bohemian thing going on, which is one of the reasons we get on so well! Tans needed some updated shots for her website, I needed fresh flowers (when do I not?!) It was a win-win situation.

I just loved every single minute spent in her studio. There is nothing better than letting your creativity run wild, to be able to do your own thing with your friend and come up with some cool photos! Arranging things to make them look pretty and effortless, playing with light and colours, I mean that's my definition of FUN. Watching Tanya put these arrangements together so effortlessly and so fast, just blew my mind. She's the flower queen for sure. 

I met Tanya at Soph's wedding (actually at her bridal shower, and then at the wedding) as she was organizing all the flowers and bouquets for both occasions. Remember these?? She's hilarious and says 'man' a lot, I love her! Very sad not to be living in her neighbourhood anymore - she used to come by weekfly with fresh flowers, no jokes - but I'm trying to convince her to move to Europe for a bit. One thing is for sure, I know who will be my florist at my (future, not happening anytime soon, don't freak out) wedding.

-  Check Tanya's Instagram & portfolio - Oh and check the latest collaboration she did with Soph, it's breathtaking! -