Bath Time | Part I

A couple of weeks ago, England celebrated Mother's day, (#realtimeblogging #not #notsurewhyimhashtagging) living in London, I was away from my maman (who's in the South of France) so I gatecrashed my aunt and cousin's mother/daughter day trip to Bath. 

The one thing I promised myself to do more of this year is to go on more day trips, and visit my own countries - there are so many places I haven't visited in England (and France) it's almost embarassing. It doesn't mean I'll stop going to far away (tropical) destinations, but after a year in Australia, where you're SO FAR from everything at all times, I quickly realised how lucky we are in Europe having all these amazing places right on our doorstep. 

We met up bright and early at Victoria Coach Station coffee in hand, bikinis packed and ready to go! (taking a bus there was so much cheaper than getting there on the train, one more reason for more adventures!)

I knew how beautiful the town was but as a little bit of an architecture geek (thanks dad) I was in awe - I didn't stop snapping away at houses and doors... no wonder Bath is a world heritage site!

We met up with one of their friends for tea and scones at The Pump Room before rushing to the Spa to soak ourselves like prunes for the the rest of the morning! They have a pool on their rooftop, the view up there is amazing, I had the excellent idea to take my camera with me (risky business when you're surrounded by water) I'm so glad I did because it was beautiful.

I got told off by the lifeguard, because aparently it's creepy to take photos of strangers in bikinis ;) but I ignored him for a hot minute and snapped away at the view before rushing back to my locker to avoid drowning my camera...not that this happened before or anything ;)

We floated around for a few hours, jumping in and out of scented hammams and steamy pools. We came out on a little cloud, with baby soft skin and as hungry as a horse.

I'll be back tomorrow with Part II ..!