Best friends and the best S'mores

A few weeks ago we all gathered at Rosie's and Jason's house in the countryside for a cheese & s'mores night - because we all know those are the best kinds. The boys chopped wood and talked about cars, football and probably poo ;) (only joking..or am I?!) while we giggled inside the house, putting together the mountain of cheese everyone had brought over. We all sat around the fire eating until we had to pop our jeans open.

I can't tell you how much I treasure having these girls in my life, we see each other all the time and talk 24/7 on our group chat but the few times we manage to get all of us together, including the men in our lives then everything makes sense you know? 

We chatted late into the night eating so many s'mores I was covered in the stuff. We found that the trick was to make them with chocolate digestives, with an extra chocolate square that you melt in the middle of the marshmallow... I mean just writting this is making me drool. Now I just cannot wait until R & J's wedding because s'mores are part of the plan...!

See Freya's post about our night, and Rosie's - because they're both better bloggers and post things in a timely manner ;)