Beauty | Current favourites

One thing you might not know about me is that I am a real beauty junkie. I recently moved into a new flat, a good quarter of all my boxes were beauty related products. Going into Boots is a real challenge, I end up with a million different shampoo bottles and face creams because I HAVE TO try them all.. you know? What if this one will revolutionize my life? My shower looks like a really well stocked up shampoo aisle in any good Boots. I can't leave the shop not knowing.. I thought I'd start doing a little roundup of my current favourite products once in a while, just in case any of you are in the same boat.

Moisture Surge by Clinique | I have been a Clinique fan for years, swearing by their 'Even Better' foundation but had never explored further into their wide range of products - until 2 weeks ago. This stuff is gold. My skin was seriously crying for help after using a crap moisturiser for weeks, it was completely tranformed after a couple of days..

Bronzer by NARS | I ran out of my favourite Hoola by Benefit and didn't think I could get anything better.. well ladies. This is it. Laguna is up there with Hoola, warms the skin perfectly and looks really natural.

Blusher by NARS | This blush highlights and makes you look alive in one go. A little goes a long way, you can either use them at the same time mixing both highlighter and pigment or use them separately.. Game changer!

Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules | So this perfume is the greatest mystery, and the best thing since sliced bread. You can't really smell it on yourself, but everyone else can and will compliment you and beg you to tell them your secret scent... I almost wanted to keep the secret to myself, but it's such a game changer and I'm not very good at keeping secrets anyway. It's unisex, and smells different on everyone. I've bought a bottle for my boyfriend, it smells very different on him than it does on me, in the BEST of ways - it's AMAZING. You can also mix it with your favourite perfume to add a little 'je ne sais quoi'. Trust me, it's magical.

Rose Water | I bought this one on my last trip to India. Essential on a long haul flight - I seriously sprayed the stuff on my face every hour, saves you from going flaky (eww), smells like a spa (ideal on a stinky long haul flight..get ready for all the side eye looks) and hydrates like nothing else. I also use it every morning after my moisturiser.

Coconut Oil | I can probably write an entire essay about coconut oil, I use it everywhere, I cook with it, I clean my face with it (excellent makeup remover), I moisturise with it, I've even started doing this thing called oil-pulling?! Has anyone tried it..? (tell me all you secrets!) It's my go to staple.

Seaweed Exfoliator from The Body Shop | I've been using this twice a week in the shower and I rarely have any breakouts.. must have something to do with sea weeds. 

Cowshed Mask | I try and do a mask once a week, perfect for Sunday evenings in the bath or watching a movie. This one is clay based and leaves my skin feeling soooo soft.

Caudalie Toner | I use this just after washing my face and removing all my makeup. It makes my skin feel squeaky clean and fresh. (I love Caudalie, one of my many discoveries and I rummage through French pharmacies..!)

Deep Moisture Body Lotion | I have this thing with moisturising, it's almost an addiction. I can't shower and NOT moisturise. I'd lather up twice a day if I could. I hate the feeling of dry skin.. crocodile legs aren't really my thing. So I bathe in the stuff after every shower.. it's the best. Especially now that Winter has arrived and central heating dries you like nothing else..!

Clinique Night Cream | I'm going through a Clinique phase, I normally alternate with this Aesop one. This night cream is quite thick - perfect for the Winter (again) and makes my skin feel extra soft and plump in the morning.

Full Repair Conditioner by John Frieda | mostly because it smells amazing.. and leaves my hay-like hair feel like silk.

Kelp Help Deep Conditioner by John Frieda | pretty much the same with this one but the smell (can you tell I'm generally obsessed with how things smell...??!) makes me feel like a mermaid. This is what I imagine mermaids smell like.

Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Sulfate Free Shampoo | discovered this one thanks to my hairdresser, who's also the UK flagship store for B&B. I never knew how much difference a sulfate free shampoo would make.. protects my highlights while nourishing my hair instead of stripping it of all its life.

Elixir Oil - I got this one when I was in Australia, and I never want this product to be discontinued! I'm tempted to stock up on a few bottles just in case. Always trust the Australians with anything to do with taking care of your hair, they know what's up when it comes to hydrating your beachy waves. (guess what? it smells fantastic)