Morning in the Pines

Here we are, move forward a couple of days. We made it home! Dad flew off to Scotland for some salmon fishing, which was a bit sad because I only got to see him for a couple of days, but on the bright side he will come back with the most delicious smoked salmon I could ever dream of! Mum is busy with a few upcoming projects (she's a mosaist!) so Lizzie and I spend the entire weekend gorging ourselves with fresh tomatoes from the garden, while roasting by the pool. 

My friend Carla (from Australia!) who's visiting Europe for the first time, joined us for some pool lounging for a couple of days before she ventured of further East on the cote d'Azur. On a misty morning (sad face) we decided to go for a walk in the nearby pine forest. We didn't end up very far, but we found wild blackberries and wild apples on the way which made up for the lack of actualy hiking.. ;)