A weekend away : The French Alps

I can't stop dreaming about our week in the mountains - perhaps because I miss the gigantic quantities or cheese we devoured - but mostly because it felt so good to be out of the city, breathing pure fresh mountain air. We got really lucky with the weather, and on the bright blue skies days we took advantage of the beautiful resort called "Les Arcs"...

Endless kilometers of beautiful fresh powder - the resort was SO big, we spent days trying to cover as much ground as possible. It was so much fun!

I have been skiing all my life, I started at a very young age because we lived so close to the mountains (Pyrenees, not the Alps) growing up. At primary school, skiing was our winter sport - we interchanged between cross-country skiing and alpine skiing. I also grew up in a family of skiers, my grandad actually skied professionally for a few years when he was younger - I can't tell you how much I would give to see him back on his skis again!

So by definition my mum is an excellent skier - so is my dad, but mum is better... (sorry dad, just stating the truth) Given all of that, I am no expert, but I can hold on skis and I'll go down pretty much anything you throw at me, not without moaning about how scary it looks or how icy it is and how I'll NEVER be able to do it, but I always enjoy it so much in the end..

This time my boyfriend did not take it easy on me and threw me down a black mogul run on the very first day... (FYI black moguls are the hardest, bumpiest runs you can find.. so imagine my delight) I was not a happy bunny as expected, but at the end of the week I actually enjoyed them and was quite happy to take on the challenge!

On the few days that we got stuck in thick fog with no change of skiing we cuddle up inside, with tons of tea and even more wine. I think I've said this before but during that week I ate my cheese quota for the YEAR.

Don't I look like a pro?! (laugh now)

Annoyingly this is what I had to compete with... ! Showing off really...

Just looking at these make me crave the snow, skiing is SO much fun! It's such great excercise, the views are breathtaking! We went up to the highest peak in the resort which was at 3400m with the most beautiful view over Mont Blanc - I will never forget it! I cannot wait to go back next winter...!