Frozen Sunset

A few weeks ago we decided to pack our bags and set off on a week long adventure in the winter wonderland that is The French Alps. For some unknown reasons I had never set foot in the Alps. Living so close to the Pyrenees up until I was 18, meant that it was so much easier to drive one short hour to the nearest ski resort rather than 8 and a bit to the Alps... but boy, did I miss out!

It was a cheesy week all around. SO MUCH CHEESE. I think I ate my quota for the rest of the year (ha who am I kidding...) The best tartiflette of my life, one that involved 2 whole wheels of Roblochon cheese.

We had the best time, one day it was sunny and blue skies and we could go out skiing, the next it would be a total white out, with thick fog you couldn't really see 5 meters in front of you, so we would just snuggle up on top of the mountain by a fire with some wine and more cheese.

That went on for the whole week! It was heaven! I thought I'd share a sneak peak of our view from our living room at sunset - just after a heavy snow fall the sun came out from under the thick clouds it was truly magical! I'm currently putting together the rest of the photos into a longer post, cheesy photos, skiing photos (we had a GoPro!) there's a whole lot to share..