Road Trip to Cornwall | Part I

Early last week we decided to go on a last minute road trip to Cornwall, we packed a few clothes, and jumped in the car on Friday afternoon for a long (very very long) drive to the South coast of Cornwall!

It took us a mere 6:30hrs to get there - to be expected on a Friday evening.. We arrived absolutely exhausted, jumped into bed and slept like babies until we got woken up by a bunch of very loud seagulls...

We rented a little Airbnb in Helston for the first 2 nights, it's a really beautiful village and it turned out to be the perfect base for our tour around the south coast. Everything was roughly between 20 and 30 min drive from the village, which was perfect.

The first morning we woke up at the break of dawn (thanks seagulls), picked up some fresh pasties from the bakery and headed off to our first beach of the day : Godrevy Beach which is directly opposite St Ives across the bay.

It was so beautiful, even in the clouds! We walked along the beach through the rock pools and ate our breakfast with our feet in the sand watching the waves roll in. We even spotted a few seals in the distance (or were they sea lions..?! I'm not quite sure) but they were huge! I can't explain how good I feel by the sea (or generally by any large body of water..!) it fills me with so much energy.

By lunch time after another walk along the coast we started getting very hungry so we drove along the bay to St Ives for lunch at Porthminster Beach Cafe - where we had a delicious seafood feast! 

We started with oysters and homemade bread with seaweed butter, I had the crab linguine and M had the mussels. It was simple, delicious and hit the spot! I wish we had spent more time in St Ives but we had big plans to go discover our second beach of the day before it got too late..! 

St Ives we will definitely be back! It's such a beautiful town.. the ocean there is turquoise blue, it's a little surreal, it felt like we were in the tropics...