Union Street Cafe

I finally moved in!! This past week has been a real whirlwind, having to unpack and slowly adapting to this new house, as well as discovering that we needed to do a couple of big DIY.. like re-grouting the bath and painting over the old tiles to freshen it up.. it's all done now, but WOW what a project it was. I feel rather proud that I did it all myself, I'm now completely exhausted, a little delirious from paint fumes but SO happy that it's now done!

So the other night when Michael called me after work asking if I'd like to go out for dinner, I jumped at the occasion. It was nice to change out of my old converse and paint covered jeans to something a little fancier for a date night with my man...

When you see truffle linguine on the menu, you just HAVE to try it out right...!? This is what happened when I was looking for a new restaurant to try on CitizenMag and found Union Street Cafe near Southwark, looked at their menu and... the rest was history.

We had such a lovely dinner chatting away, talking about everything and nothing.. apart from silicon sealants and tile paints...! I needed a break and a reason to wear those cute heels - it's also nice once in a while to throw on a little mascara get out of your old jeans and look cute, I know he enjoyed it! Sadly it doesn't happen often...I'm more of a old jumper no makeup kinda gal! ;)