Llanthony Priory - Wales


At the end of the summer when Freya and I went off to Wales for this shoot - as we crossed the bridge back over to England we promised each other that we would come back asap with our men.

and so we did! Literally 2 weeks later, which shows how much we love it there! I think we'd both be very happy if we could live on a farm in Wales taking photos, growing vegetables, going swimming in wild rivers and riding our horses to each other's houses...

I just made that up, but holy sh*t that would be the DREAM ( FREYA LET'S PLAN THIS NOW!!!)

Luckily Michael has family in Wales, they are truly the best and on a last minute rushed decision we called up and asked if we could come and crash at their house for a long weekend.. and they said yes! We promised to do all the cooking and washing up and 5 hours later we were on their doorstep hugging them tight.

I'll share more about the rest of the weekend, but on the Saturday we decided to go on a little adventure to this wonderful place called Llanthony Priory.

It is hidden between the rolling hills, something straight out of a movie, we couldn't quite believe how beautiful it was. Imagine this place covered in snow...! We wondered about in the sun, Scarlett taught Michael a few ballet moves, which he executed with utter grace (it was actually the cutest thing ever.. and right in that moment I could imagine him doing the exact same thing with our future kids. MY HEART)

Looking at these now, I feel like crying because.. look at the colour of my legs. They are so pasty right now in comparison, I can almost see through them.

These shorts were my staple this summer, I wore them pretty much every day, with my Stan Smiths and a variation of tops.. denim shorts are just the best thing ever!

If you're ever visiting Wales (which should be high up on your list, just saying) go check the priory out, it's such a special place, so much history, the views are amazing, they also have the cutest little cafe which serves a delicious lunch (with vegan options!) and good beers.

Beers are totally necessary after you climb that hill behind the priory to get a better view...

I'm ashamed to say we only made it half way up.. Freya and I were too busy taking photos of sheep and flowers on the way, while the boys sat at the top waiting for us to arrive.

You pick your battles.. right?! That hill was someone else's battle.

On the way down we befriended that beautiful horse you saw at the top, and picked wild flowers, and talked about what we would have for lunch :

Steaming hot jacket potatoes piled on with spicy homemade baked beans and crunchy salad was my choice. We ate lunch on the lawn right in the middle of the priory, in the warm sunshine making plans for naps, tea and chocolate when we got back to the house.

It was a magical day, with my favourite people. So happy I discovered this little piece of heaven, thanks Scarlett for being our amazing guide and teaching M ballet (he's practising at home, I promise!)

I can't wait to show you more about our weekend, so many beautiful walks, sunset on top of grassy hills and crisp nights by the bonfire. I can't wait to come back...