Exploring - East Dulwich

Since moving south of the river we've been trying to make an effort to explore around us every weekend. Recently we've been going back to East Dulwich quite a lot - it's just down the road - and every time we go we discover a new cool shop/market/cafe/bakery...


Two weekends ago we landed on possibly the cutest plant shop I'ver ever seen. Totally up my street - literally.


I wanted to buy everything in there, all the pots and plants, and candles and aesop creams (oh yeah.. they sell Aesop products too, DUH)


They had the most amazing collection of succulents, those purple ones are my favourites.


As usual when I plan to buy the entire shop, I go into a panic, my brain goes into overthinking and I end up buying absolutely nothing...


- Oh hi there! -


Since then I've had these little ones on my mind, so I need to go back! I also really want to get some of these hanging plants AND maybe an Aloe Vera plant too...


There's a little market just one street up on Saturdays, with lots of food stalls, antiques and an amazing card shop which I have to go into every time we go.


I absolutely love the area, and I can't wait to discover some more. I still have a piece of my heart up north east London.. and a part of me wants to go back up there when the time comes BUT I guess I'm still adjusting to a new neighborhood and new habits!

If you know Peckham/East Dulwich/Denmark Hill quite well then please please comment and give me your best recommendations, shops/cafes/markets/parks/activities...Anything!! 

( Find The Fresh Flower Workshop on Frogley Rd, East Dulwich, London SE22 9DF )