Brick House


Since we moved to Peckham last September, we have been going to the same places around us, because I guess we're creatures of habit, or perhaps out of laziness!

But about a month ago, we discovered this little gem - Brick House in East Dulwich - they serve the best bread in the neighbourhood and they do a killer breakfast too AND the best chai latte ever.

Since then they've actually opened a new branch right by Peckham Rye station, which means I have to walk by it every day and the temptation to go in for another Chai Latte is just too much!

But I'm not complaining! I'll soon make a list of all our favourite places around Peckham/East Dulwich if you're interested? The list is getting very long.

I'm currently writing this from beautiful Bristol where we're spending our weekend with friends, we're about to leave the house to go on a long walk by the seaside, followed by a lovely lunch. Tomorrow Michael and I are off to Wales to visit his family at their little house on a hill. It's so beautiful there! Check out my Story on Instagram this weekend - I'll be posting a lot!

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend, relaxing and eating and spending time with friends and family.

Disclaimer : I have since then gone plant based (more about that soon!), so not eating fish or eggs anymore - but these guys do a killer avo on toast and their loaves are vegan :)