Skiing in Les Arcs

About a month and a bit ago, M and I jumped on a plane to Geneva to reach the mountains just in time for possibly the best snow of the season. It took me exactly 5 weeks to finally share these, and I picked the hottest weekend of the year (so far) to do so... Just thought you might need some cooling down ;)


We rented a little chalet between 6 friends, and spent a whole week skiing all day long. Quite unexpectedly out of the 7 days we were there, it snowed for 4 days straight - and when I mean straight, I mean it didn't stop for one second. It was CRAZY! I had never seen so much snow in my life - that's Michael in the photo above in about a meter of powder - so. many. wipe. outs!!!!

These were all taken on the second day of skiing (all but that last one!) when the snow started and never stopped..! Luckily we were back in Les Arcs (we were there last year! see my posts here and here) seriously one of my favourite resorts. It's not overcrowded, it's big, has both trees and high peaks, it's beautiful and easy to get to.. I'm almost certain we'll be back next year. 


Looking back at these, I miss it so much! We had such a great week. It was the first time that I did deep powder skiing.. through the trees, which was genuinely the most exhausting thing I've ever done!! Every evening when we came back I had to take a nap before dinner - or else I would have just fallen asleep at the dinner table.


It's such a different kind of skiing, that requires so much physically.. especially when you wipe out for the 3rd time in a row and you've lost your skis and poles and you have to dig yourself out of a meter of snow!


The hot chocolates and endless carbs kept us going. I came back with a few bruises (someone skied into me on the first day...) but with a happy heart filled with tons of snowy memories with my love. Til' next year!!