Long Weekend in Suffolk


How dreamy are bank holiday weekends?! Having an extra day makes SUCH a difference - all weekends should be 3 days. I bet we'd all be much more efficient at work and would achieve more in 4 days than we do in 5. RIGHT?! Maybe we need to start a petition...


Last weekend we set off early to pick up this fluff ball at Freya's house - Freya and Adam were going away for a week to Italy and as their number one dogsitters we happily pretended to be them for a weekend. So off we went with their dog and their car!


Of course, we left later than planned and got stuck in 2 hours of traffic, in the heat. Thank goodness for pee stops and a great DJ (me).


We finally made it to Suffolk a few hours later than planned, and sweatier than planned too. We came to visit my uncle and aunt and their brand new eco house. It was so perfect, it made us want to ditch everything, come live in the countryside and design houses - or maybe that was just me.


I mean look at it! It must be so special to design your own home from A to B. Designing the tiniest little details and having it exactly how you want it to be. Definitely one to add to the bucket list!


That first night we were greeted by more family members and a delicious dinner under the stars, with drinks, laughs and music long into the night.


Part of the evening was also spent in the best sofa in the whole wide world. I've seriously fallen in love with a piece of furniture. It's almost too comfortable and sends you straight to sleep, but I want it so bad. (if you're into it like I am, you can find it in the amazing shop in Snape Maltings - which even if you're not after a sofa, you'll want to visit if you're ever in the area!)


The next day I woke up to this nugget sitting on my boyfriend. She is completely enamoured with Michael, it's actually hilarious to watch - you'll know what I'm talking about if you've watched my Story on Instagram last weekend!


After a few minutes of intense persuasion, Molly finally got us out of bed for a walk.


She makes it VERY clear when it's time to walk/eat/pet her. No mixed signals here.


We took her to the beach later that afternoon for a swim - we had our swimmers in that bag, but it's England you guys. GLACIAL. So Mols went on to entertain herself in the water.


Aldeburgh is a typical english seaside town, with beautiful little coloured cottages left and right.


Mostly unfit for a tall guy like M, but cute nonetheless.


See what I mean? I felt like I was third wheeling all weekend ha!




These two!!! Mols favourite part of the trip was definitely eating chips by the sea front. She's still salivating at the thought of it.


We spent most of the weekend going for long walks, to the sea, to the river, to the forest.. eating delicious salads and reading our books in the sunshine - I came back a little pinker than expected, for some reason the first really sunny day of the year always always gets me, it doesn't matter if I'm wearing sunscreen or not!


Monday evening came around way too fast, and it was already time to pack up and drive back to London.


We took Mols for a run around and update her portfolio with some new shots haha




We're now back in London, this weekend has firmly reasserted my longing for a pup to be my own, but we're working on it ;) and now my mum is in town, and took over the dogsitter role for a few days. What have you guys been up to? Oh and remind me, when is the next bank holiday again?! 

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