In the Greenhouse


Last week my beautiful friend Sophie was visiting from Australia. Soph has been one of the most beautiful connections I've made in the past few years. She has this golden light surrounding her, she makes people around her shine bright, the world is a better place because of people like her.

She is a talented photographer, we first met in London a few years back through this little blog. We connected and went for breakfast, and hit it on like house on fire. She was the reason I moved to Australia and had a magical year in Sydney. She brings me endless inspiration - I adore the way she sees and does life. 

Last week when we met up in Richmond, we decided to walk all the way to Petersham Nurseries for a lovely afternoon in the sun, chatting away dipping in and out of the greenhouses, rehydrating on ice cold elderflower soda.

I have always been shy in front of the camera, I feel most at peace behind the lense, but with Soph, my guard is down and I can just be myself, she makes me laugh and tells me where to put my arms, because those arms.. what the hell do you do with them?!

This romper has also been my outfit of choice for the past month or so. I can't get enough of playsuits, they're possibly the most comfortable summer outfit you can get your hands on. Also STRIPES. Anything stripes and I'm in. My boyfriend always makes fun of me - half my wardrobe is stripes and whenever I buy something, or pick up anything at all in shops.. 86% of the time it will have stripes.

Here are a few of my favourite rompers and jumpsuits at the moment - I've got my eyes on a few more.. also for that price. I'll take them all, please, thank you.

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I have some other amazing shots to share with you from our little adventure in Richmond with Soph! I have another few days with her beginning of August before she's off to Sydney! She's having a baby at the end of the year.. I can't tell you how excited I am at the idea!