Wild & Free


Oh those long summer days, the sun on your skin, hair in the wind. These are possibly some of my favourite photos I have ever posted. I just love how free and natural they came out. Sophie who shot these for me is just a dream. She is the most beautiful soul I know, who captures people with so much love pouring through each shot.

Talking about photography, I have some life update for you guys! BIG update, which is mildly terrifying, but totally exhilarating. As you may or may not know from my Instagram updates, I was working for a beautiful kitchen photography studio called Rye for the past 4 months, and I've loved every minute of it but since I started this little blog of mine, my dream has always been to work for myself.

For a long time I wasn't sure what this meant entirely. I have always known that I would like to be my own boss in some capacity. Through the years and thanks to this little corner of the internet I have discovered a passion for photography, styling and telling stories. Nothing brings me more joy than to share stories with the world, and capturing the beauty around me.

I've always felt like I could never quite make the jump - how could I quit everything, a fixed monthly salary, a routine, for complete uncertainty?! It took a lot of soul searching, sleepless nights and finally realising that I will never be quite fulfilled working for someone else's dream. 

I also realised that I will never feel 'ready' to make the jump. Just like any other big changes in my life.. I don't think anyone ever feels 'fully ready' to be a parent, or move across the world, or change their career. (right?! maybe I'm just trying to reassure myself here... haha)

But here I am. I'm making the jump! As of this month I am ready to take on clients as a photographer and content creator.

I've made a little 'work with me page' and added a portfolio up there in the right hand corner. 

So if you're a brand, an individual, a start up.. and you need some beautiful shots, or some engaging content for your website, or you want to refresh your social media presence with some new imagery - hire me?! PLEASE :) :) :)

All jokes aside, if you actually know anyone who does, put them in touch! my email is tania@joyfelicityjane.com - thanks guys!

I will also be building Squarespace website for a handful of people, so if this is something you need, let me know!

I am so excited to share more of my own work. I can't wait to continue collaborating with awesome brands via this little space and continue creating some cool content - which I will have a lot more time to dedicate now! (you've probably noticed the flow of posts coming in ;) let's try and keep it that way!)

This month will be focused on making plans, reaching out to people, creating creating creating, and crossing all my fingers and toes that this will work out.. otherwise.. I'll just have to find a new 9 to 5 ;)

This holiday in France coming up (we're leaving tomorrow!) couldn't come at a better time. It's my happy place, and probably one of the places I feel most inspired by. I can't wait to spend time with family and share our adventures, and take a million photos, getting ready for this new chapter in my life.

I will most definitily be packing this little number. I'm a convert to two-pieces, they're so cute and can also be worn in so many different ways if I separate them.. genius! Also.. between you and I this stripy ensemble cost under a tenner.. and that's not a joke! I'm eyeing these below too, because going freelance, made my wallet really light..! ha!