Peachy Morning at the Market


Market mornings are my favourite mornings. Particularly when I am in France, I've written about it before (see post here) but I can never tire of Saturday mornings at the market and Saturday lunches post-market.

I miss that in London, I miss simple farmer's markets that aren't overly commercial and filled with tourists (nothing against tourists, but sometimes you just want to do your weekly produce shop without having to battle with people to get to the stalls!)

I wish there were more neighbourhood farmer's markets in London. In France, most villages, especially in the summer, but also throughout the year, will have a market with local producers. Out nearest town in France has two a week!

Which is your favourite market - anywhere in the world..?!

I am obsessed with these donut peaches! and cherries! they were so cheap out there, we bought kilos of them and ate half of them before we even got home..

I also luckily found this guy who was selling a bunch of very ripe bananas, brown and spotty - which if you like nana icecream and banana bread you will know that this is PRIME banana status. 

He was so surprised when I decided to buy 4 kg of brown bananas that he gave them to me for 3 euros... I froze the whole bunch and we had nicecream for the whole week! (and more!) Did you check my recipe by the way? Let me know in the comments if you've tried it!

Thought I'd also pop a few of my favourite backless dresses at the moment - The one I'm wearing was from ASOS last year, and sadly isn't anywhere to be found, but I live in it in the summer. So comfortable.

Also if you need summer shopping inspiration, I'm updating my Shop page daily with some of my favourite pieces :)