Rainy Day Vegan Blondies


I still haven't quite caught you up with our last trip to France.. now here we are a month later as we're about to prepare to fly over there once again for the second time this summer! We're leaving on Saturday, and I couldn't be more excited.

But you know, better late than never? Right?

I thought it would be appropriate to share with you this perfect rainy day recipe for Vegan blondies.. seeing as it's raining here too. Oh you english summer!

Saying that...when we were in France in late June we had a lot of this below.. a lot of storms and rainy days - which didn't stop us from having fun! We still went for our daily swim.. in the rain (it's always so much fun!) and came up with all sorts of games and indoor activities. 

I became quite good at darts, and less good at pool, and very good at taking naps!

Post nap on the most comfortable sofa in the world, it's time to dig into those warm vegan blondies. I've never that been into blondies, because I'd choose chocolate over anything when it comes to sweet treats, but as it turns out, we were out of cacoa, so peanut butter it was!

Which if you ask me it's not a bad swap (it would be been that little bit better if we had added chocolate chips!) So here's the recipe, sadly it's not mine, so giving credit where credit is due :) I hope you've got peanut butter on hand..! (ps: always, best eaten still warm from the oven)