A Candlelit Evening


Rosie, Jason and Ottilie joined us for a few days in France and it was the sweetest three days we could have asked for.

Everyone in the house was giddy over meeting Ottilie for the first time. That girl has my whole heart. I can't get over those cheeks and that cute laugh of hers. 

This was one of the first evenings, we all made it safe from the airport, jumped in the pool and ran wild in the fields at sunset.

Being friends with fellow bloggers is the best thing ever, No judgement at taking photos of yourselves in pretty dresses running around, or at taking the millionth photo of what you're about to eat, or climbing on chairs to get the shot. None of that.

Blogger friend will join the party, hold the chair, help you set up the food, change into their prettiest dress to come run around with you while your loving sister takes photos of you two.. (THANKS LIZZIE!!!!)

There's something extra special when you find friends who feel like family. You can tell them anything, their home feels like yours, they are your confidents, your partners in crime, you can truly be yourself around them, and not only them but their partners too, and of course their babies (and pets!)

But it's even more special when those friends meet your own family for the first time, and just like magic it's like we've all been one big family since the beginning of time.. Lizzie has been fully integrated into our friendship group with Rosie and Freya for a little while now but my parents are now as in love with all of them as we are.

To many more summers together, and hopefully to many more babies ;)

I couldn't skip these photos out... I love this girl so much. She's an amazing friend, mama and wife. I look up to her so much, and I thank my lucky stars that this little blog of mine made us friends for life. 

Here's a prime example of our time together, snorting at some inappropriate joke while trying to look pretty haha friends who ugly laugh together, stay together!! 

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