A day by the Pool


This is how we spent most of our days at my parent's house in France...

It always starts with breakfast all together around the kitchen table, Ottilie was always the queen of breakfast, eating for around 4 hours straight while everyone came down one by one sleepy eyed looking for coffee and fresh peaches.

One of my parents' hens called 'poupoule' would come and join us for breakfast too (she's the friendliest chicken you'll ever meet, and probably the most clever - she's the only one, out of a group of 10 of them, who managed to figure out how to escape the coop for food scraps and cuddles!).

Breakfast usually goes on late into the morning, almost blending into lunch, but as the sun gets higher everyone gradually and inevitably gravitates to the pool like moths to a flame.

At around eleven everyone jumps into their swimwear of choice, covers themselves in sun cream, grabs their books and sunnies and walks through the garden to the pool. Ottie's swimsuit was hands down my favourite...!

The rest of the day would be spent reading books, splashing our feet in the water, eating watermelon, napping in the hammock and playing games in the warm French sun, only to be interrupted by lunch under the grape vines.

When the sun turns gold, and the temperatures cool down it's normally time for beers, fearless games of Badminton, cuddles with the horses, and bath time to wash off all the grass and horse hairs from a full day of fun!

Later in the evening the crickets start singing, the friendly chicken goes back to her coop and delicious smells start escaping from the kitchen.

We would all meet downstairs again and help dad finish the last few bits for dinner - mostly just set the table as he's a very territorial cook. 

We ate dinner every night on the covered terrace outside, playing games late into the night (remember this one I told you about?!) 

I hope I'm not boring you to death with all these shots from France.. I've got a couple more posts from there and then I promise I'll move on to Wales & other adventures!

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