Forgotten Summer


Last week we got back from a lovely break in France over Easter. We had such an amazing time, and unplugged for a few days, staying away from our laptops and phones as much as possible (hence the little blogging break!)

This time we were staying at M's parent's house, while my parents were still renovating their kitchen. Did you know that almost 15 years ago now M's parent's bought a house 5 minutes down the road from my childhood home? and this is partly why, we fell in love and we're together now..?!

I wrote more about it in this post, it still gives me all kinds of butterflies thinking about it.

I have a few photos to share from this trip, but they're still patiently waiting to be uploaded and edited, so in the meantime, I thought I'd share these shots I took during our stay at their house last summer. I love it so much down there, it's a magical spot on top of hill with the best views of the Pyrenees.

I'm also sharing this because I am currently sitting at my dinner table in grey London watching the rain fall on and off. The word on the street is that it won't stop until next weekend which is typical, but I've decided to make the most of it, and turn the house into a cosy cabin, while endlessly scrolling through these summer photos wishing I was right there by the pool...

The only downside of going to France to visit our parents is leaving. We both get major holiday blues, every.single.time. It doesn't matter if we go for 3 days or 2 full weeks, it's so hard to leave. We both love it so much, we feel so good and relaxed when we're down there. If it was down to me we'd be there every month.

Already planning our visits over the summer though, which I am very excited about! We have quite a few trips planned over the next few months which I am super excited to share. Particularly New-York and Canada end of June.

Where are you off to this summer?

Outfit 1 : top & jeans from Free People - sunglasses from LMNT by SmartBuyGlasses
Outfit 2 : Blue Kimono from Free People - Black Swimsuit oldie from Asos but here is a similar, and here too - mirrored sunnies from LMNT by SmartBuyGlasses
3 : Dress by Ted Baker from last year

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